'Saanth' leaves people jiggered

Mangalore South MLA N Yogish Bhat inagurated the expo.With stalls on various rare Konkani artifacts, Harry’s unique collectibles has the most number of bystanders gaping at items rarely available to see today.

Traditional artifacts

The stall had old traditional farming and kitchen items like ‘Adhalo’, ‘Koitho’, ‘Walni’, ‘Morgi’, ‘ Shego’, ‘Kalmay’, ‘Kudhanti’, ‘Latto ‘ and many others .Apart from this old cradles, Christmas tree and crib items are kept on display.

“I was always interested in collecting old items. I have conducted many exhibitions on such artifacts and my main intention is to introduce these items to the present generation who have moved into the technological era,” says Harry Sequeira, the stall owner who informs that the price of the artifacts on sale start from Rs 1,800.

Apart from the collectibles, they have even kept traditional Konkani attires like Urmaal (Turban) and Kuthav (Kurta’s) for sale. The stall also has ‘Gumatt’, Konkani traditional musical instrument for sale, which starts from a price of Rs 900.

For all the book worms, there is a special stall, which has over 100 Konkani books, CD’s and DVD’s of songs and documentaries have been kept for sale. From the traditional Konkani recipes to the Voviyo Vers, from autobiographies to the introduction of various Konkani cultures, the information is available under one roof here.

It seems like preparations for Christmas have already started with the traditional Christmas goodies called as ‘Kuswar’ packed and kept ready for sale at the venue. The stall has over 15 varieties of goodies for sale. Another stall has herbal juices such as ginger ale, panaka, bramhi juice along with masalas and lehas. For all shopaholics there are jewellry stalls, dress shops, food stalls.

“The exhibition makes the old cultural artifacts available to people. Many a times people who do not know where to acquire such items can find them here,” says Eric Ozario, speaking to Deccan Herald.

“This exhibition is promoting Konkani culture in a very nice way. It helps the present generation to get introduced to their culture and tradition,” says St Agnes College Vice Principal Sr Supriya AC.

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