IT Industry to define norms on ethics

Not so surprisingly, the country’s IT leadership is attempting to seize the initiatives to set standards for high professionalism and ethics amongst thousands of its engineers, cognizant that the higher growth and its contribution to the GDP naturally puts the onus on it to set the pace.

Joining forces with the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), the global professional body for engineering workforce, IT leaders have set up a working group that would define standards to measure professionalism and ethics amongst its workforce.

“It’s certainly a proactive step to learn and improve (the professional and ethical standards) of our industry here,” said Narayana Murthy, Founder & Chairman of Infosys Technology on Friday, while addressing a press conference in the city to explain the discussion industry leaders, heads of institutions and other stakeholders have been having to build the standards.

Earlier in the day, prominent members of the IT industry, academic institutions, members of the legal fraternity and other professional groups had a round table at the Infosys campus on the subject.

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