Revenge not so sweet

Dwayne Johnson, simply named ‘Driver’, after his release from prison is on a mission to kill everyone responsible for the death of his brother, who was killed during a failed bank robbery 10 years before. But, after killing few of his enemies without a second thought, ‘Driver’ soon begins to face conflict with his inner self after seeing how his targets have redeemed themselves over the years. Besides his conscience, ‘Driver’ is on the run from two detectives — played by Billy Bob Thornton and Carla Gugino — and a hunky hit man (Oliver Jackson-Cohen). With the right ingredients set in place, director George Tillman Jr then puts up a surprisingly imaginative action flick.

The promos of the film and its posters give an impression that this film could be just another mindless hardcore action. Yet, what we get is a rather thought-provoking take on human values. The film manages to stay neutral and is devoid of any judgment on who is the good, the bad and the ugly. The protagonists are just characters in a set where there’s a former bank robber bent on taking revenge, a drug-addict policeman with a dark past and a hit-man who wants to outdo his targets. The film creates a sense of intrigue and engages the audience with all the characters easily. The script of ‘Faster’ also gives sufficient space for good acting as it has little dialogues. In fact, the actors share a fairly-balanced screen time for all of them to put up a good show.

Despite the a slow pace in the second half, the interplay of human values like forgiveness, family and spirituality make this film a satisfying action drama.

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