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Fun Time

Stretch Time : Shraddha Setalvad demonstrates an asana for the children.

Perhaps, it’s her love for children that has inspired her to come out with an interactive CD on children’s yoga.

 Titled, Discover Your Sally and Rainbow of Hope, the CDs were released at a fun-filled evening in the City recently. Children participated in a yoga session with Shraddha and got an idea on how yoga would help them. Launching the CD, Shraddha said, “Yoga is something that is good for the body, mind and spirit.

I want to make it a fun thing, so that kids can look forward to after a tiring day at school. I have made the CD very interactive by adding in an animated story. The story of Discover Your Sally revolves around a cat who goes on a journey discovering herself.

As for The Rainbow of Hope, I hope to get the viewer to experience the dynamic mix of yogasanas, pranayama and team work.”

The children were more than excited to be a part of the yoga session. Many were even well experienced and wanted to show off their talents. One child did a head-stand which impressed Shraddha a lot.

After a small screening of Discover Your Sally, Shraddha even played a small quiz based on the CD, and gave away free t-shirts, stickers and bookmarks to those who
answered correctly.   

The event also saw Bollywood actress Madhoo, from Roja fame, who flew in to launch the CDs.

The actress explained how she was one among those who thought yoga was very slow and boring.

 “But it was only when I tried it out myself, I saw how beneficial it is to the mind and the body. Shraddha is a dear friend of mine and I found her venture for children worthwhile because it is very easy for an actress like Bipasha Basu or Shilpa Shetty to come out with a fitness CD for adults but making something appealing to children is a tough and rare one,” she added.

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