Walk at your own risk!

Walk at your own risk!

Uneven path

Walk at your own risk!

Look Out : Most footpaths have broken cement slabs.

It’s a crazy world out there for Bangaloreans. For riders, drivers and pedestrians. Whenever one is out on the roads of the City, one has to encounter potholes, stones, dirt and sometimes even overflowing drains!

The same goes for footpaths too. Walking on these footpaths is almost like going on a trekking expedition as one has to carefully avoid the dislocated stones and open manholes. And many a time, there is no place on these footpaths and pavements, thanks to the vendors sitting there or people parking their vehicles on them. Metrolife interacted with a few people to find out about their views on footpaths. 

Says Aditi Ramdas, a final year commerce student of Christ University, “The general meaning of footpath is ‘a path meant for pedestrians as a walking trail, separated from the main road’. But it seems like the authorities have their own interpretations.” She adds, “Bangaloreans face problems figuring out what a footpath actually is.

That’s because it’s always disfigured or dug up by one or the other agency and abandoned thereafter. They have a number of potholes and open spaces on them. The only solution for us is to remain alert and walk carefully.”

Aditi says that nowadays even motorists have started riding on footpaths in order to avoid traffic.

“It’s high time the authorities did something about them before a serious injury is caused to a pedestrian due to the sorry condition of footpaths.”

Samyuktha, a chartered accountancy student, has some solutions to offer. “Many footpaths are in a bad condition due to the roots of the trees uprooting the slabs on them. So instead of having a tree in the centre of a footpath, it would be better to work around the trees,” she says. “Most footpaths have broken cement slabs that prove to be a hindrance while one is walking. This is a nuisance especially for old people. Some of the roads have hawkers selling knick-knacks, so there is no place for pedestrians to walk on. The authorities need to look into this.”

The BBMP officials are chalking out plans to improve the condition of footpaths in the coming months. Says a source from the BBMP, “We are making ward programmes to improve the condition of footpaths and are slowly working on each ward. While some have been covered, some are yet to be worked on.”

He admits, “Yes, footpaths are solely meant for the pedestrians and hawkers sitting on them are a problem. But hopefully, we will have more ‘hawking zones’ like the one that’s there in Koramangala.”