Who is to blame?

Why did it happen? How did it happen? At any scene of an accident you would hear people theorising how it could have happened. We cannot rest till we find the cause. This is a normal activity of the human being. If the event happens to be a tragedy and we are blamed for it we are shattered. We try to wriggle out of it by our explanations. But primarily we would like to show somehow that we are not responsible for it.

A recent trend in many magazines is to write articles purportedly from psychiatrists, medical researchers, sociologists etc. They have an explanation for every one of our wrong behaviours. Well he or she is not really responsible. It was a result of heredity or it was a combination of circumstances. There are extenuating circumstances reducing the guilt. He committed suicide because it was in his genes. His homosexual activity is only a result of a few anomalies in his metabolism. How can he be held responsible? He is psychopath and does not realize what he is doing. There are also so-called scientific researchers who say your character is already determined in the womb itself. The traumatic experience of your mother affected you. The early tragedy of growing up as a waif in an orphanage has made you to behave like this. In short what they want to tell me is: you are not at fault. You need not suffer from any guilt complex. Why do you carry this unnecessary burden within you?

In the story of the first parents in Genesis, we have the scene of God questioning our first parents regarding the sin they had committed. They did not ask pardon but put the blame on others. Adam says it is not his fault. It is the woman who gave him the fruit and that too even finding fault with God by saying it is the woman “You gave me”. And when asked she promptly puts the blame on the serpent who is dubbed as being “cunning”(Cf. Genesis 3.12-13).

Dear friend one of the ways in which you can be free of guilty conscience is to confess humbly before God your fault and ask his pardon. He does pardon any one with contrite heart. We need not blame our heredity, fallen human nature, circumstances or situations. What we need is only humility. In front of God we are sinners and we need his pardon.

He is generous and gives it to all who repent and ask him for that mercy! He will not deny that even for the worst of criminals because God is a God of life and does not want our destruction.

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