PDS supply trucks to be under GPS scanner

In a bid to streamline, and instant monitoring of supply of food grains under Public Distribution System (PDS), the district administration is making use of newer technologies.

The supply of food grains from the Food Corporation of India to Taluk Wholesale Nominee Godowns and in turn to the fair price shops would come under the scanner through Global Positioning System (GPS) soon. The GPS will keep a watch on the movement of the trucks carrying food grains to various fair price shop destinations in the district. The new system would provide for instant access of information on a PDS vehicle on a particular route, the distance covered and the time taken to cover the distance for the supply of food grains to any retail (fair price) shop.

Shivanna, Deputy Director of Food and Civil Supplies department told Deccan Herald that the department has a daily chart for the supply of food grains from taluk godowns. The new system entails for fitting an electronic device on each of the trucks. GPS device helps in monitoring the movement of the truck carrying the food grains sitting in the office. Under the new system, every vehicle will be painted yellow for easy identification and convenience of hassle-free transportation.

Tenders invited

“The GPS system will help great deal on delivery of food grains, route taken by the lorry and time taken to get to fair price shop and reporting of same to the DC’s office. The department has invited tender and the scheme will be implemented in a month,” the Deputy Director said.

Under the existing system, the officials of the department receive the stock from the FCI at the nominee godowns in taluk centres and report the same to the office of food and civil supplies.

The food grains are then supplied to the designated fair price shops through designated routes as per the chart on a monthly basis. The trucks move everyday covering about 1062 fair price shops in the district in a month. When a food grain loaded truck arrives in a retail shop, the owner should compulsorily receive the stock in the presence of a member of Jagruthi Samithi.

Jagruthi Samithi member informs taluk control room over phone on amount of stock received.


A department official visits the shop on the same day or next day to make a cross verification. Currently, the food department runs about 70 vehicles hired on tender for supply of food grains.

The new system proposes to form a Close User Group(CUG) comprising owner and the Jagruthi Samithi members. At least one member of Samithi should be compulsorily present there to receive the food grain stock.

 He will inform to office on the stock through SMS, Shivanna said.

According to him, Mysore district will be the first to introduce GPS monitoring of PDS vehicles.

It should be noted that Mysore City Corporation and the city police use GPS system extensively to keep a tab on movement of all vehicles, including those allotted to higher ups in departments.

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