'India-based telemarketer threatens to kill Melbourne woman'

"Melbourne residents have been abused with threats to kill, obscenities and lewd suggestions by at least one call centre worker believed to be based in India," the Herald Sun reported today.

One "Joe" told a local radio channel today of a man who called his mother who is in her mid-60s, claiming to be selling solar power systems and after she said she was not interested, the caller rang back to abuse her, mentioning her address in the eastern suburbs, the report said.

In obscene messages left on the woman's machine, the man with a subcontinental accent said he would turn up at her house in "10 minutes" after stating her correct address and promising to "make you beg for my forgiveness".

Much of the vile message can't be repeated, before he wrongly suggests she is Indian and says "people like you should die", the report said.
In a separate message, according to the report, the telemarketer, "If you will not apologise to me. I will go there now and burn you alive you."

Joe said his mother had been terrified by the threats. "She's afraid and very stressed and for the next few days wasn't very good at all," he said, adding the police had been advised, but was told "there's nothing we can do" and "if you see anyone hanging around let us know" "You'd expect more".

Other residents also appear to been been victims of the telemarketer, with some contacting the newspaper to repeat similar claims, the report said. Police suggested she called consumer affairs, he said.

Joe said after listening to the abusive messages several times, he suspected the call could actually be a recorded message with the name and address inserted. He speculated that the call may be part of a scam, possibly from overseas, to frighten victims into handing over banking details.

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