'I don't grab anything that comes my way'

'I don't grab anything that comes my way'

'I don't grab anything that comes my way'

 big move Kulraj Randhawa

Actress Kulraj Randhawa considers her successful stint in popular television soap Kareena Kareena as an advantage in making it big in movies.

She thinks that working in TV has made her popular with the people and therefore the connection is instant and quicker.

Kulraj’s latest project  Yamla Pagla Deewana will see her play the lead opposite Bobby Deol.  “I play a photographer in the film. This young professional photographer sets out to capture pictures for coffee table book. Along the journey, she ends up falling in love with a conman (Bobby),” Kulraj told Metrolife.

She says that Bobby and  she share some amazing on-screen chemistry. “It’s always important to gel well with your co-star. If you are cold and aloof, it will reflect in your work and show on screen,” she adds.

Kulraj’s passion for photography as a child helped her a great deal when she moved from behind the camera to before it. She also went to a training school to pick up some professional tips on how to handle a camera in the film.

Talking about her experience with Bobby, she says that he’s easy going guy. “He’s an absolute prankster off the screen and is a brilliant actor on screen. There’s a lot to learn from him,” she avers.

While there are a host of people Kulraj admires in the industry, she confesses that she doesn’t idolise anybody.

“Nobody’s perfect. I don’t come from a filmi background therefore I have had to learn everything on my own. I want to carve a niche for myself and show people what is exclusive in me as an actor,” she says.

The movement from television to the big screen has been rather smooth and the young lady says that she has been lucky.

“People say that TV actors don’t make for good big screen actors but look at Shah Rukh Khan, he has worked really hard to get to where he is and is one of the most successful people in the world,” she points out.

Kulraj’s father was in the army and she has travelled across the country and lived in different cities.

“The exposure has helped. The army life has made me more disciplined and of course choosy. I don’t grab just anything that comes my way,” she says.

Kulraj spent her college days in Bangalore. She says she used to hang out at the Corner House on Residency Road.   “I used to go there for my fill of Death by chocolate. I not only indulged myself but would drag my friends along as well,” she wraps up.