Eating out? Now, shell out more

Expensive dining

The revised prices have already come into effect in many hotels.

According to people in the hotel industry, the salaries of skilled workers have gone up owing to boom in IT and BT sectors. The salary is being hiked by five to 10 per cent every year. The rent of buildings too has increased substantially, said Vidhyadhar, a hotelier.

Vasudeva Adiga, a prominent hotelier, said the rates have been only raised marginally to sustain the prevailing volatile market prices of the raw material. He said establishment, water and power costs have gone up in the recent year.

“There are plans to increase the power tariff from Rs 6.50 to Rs 7.10 per unit. We are compelled to buy water at Rs 400 to Rs 500 per tanker. The price shoots up to Rs 700 during summer,” he said.

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