84 pc US employees plan to look for a new job in 2011: Survey

About 84 per cent of the employees surveyed said they plan to look for new jobs in 2011, up from 60 per cent reported a year ago, according to a survey by Right Management, a division of the US-based consultancy firm Manpower.

While only 5 per cent of employees said they intend to remain in their current position and the remaining 11 per cent are not sure about their decision, it added.

The survey conducted among 1,400 employees in North America stated that employees are feeling increasingly restless and intend to leave in droves if opportunities open up in the job market.

"This finding is more about employee dissatisfaction and discontent than projected turnover," said Right Management President and Chief Operating Officer Douglas J Matthews.

It also revealed that discontent is widespread, but organisations can not ignore the problem.

"Clearly, if the job market picks up next year a lot many employees are going to take advantage of it, and organisations stand to lose some of their top contributors. So this is a wake-up call to management," he said.

Interestingly, the survey noted that restlessness can also be alleviated by managers being honest and positive with employees. Besides, employers should provide feedback to employees about their work and also give ways to help them improve.

"A mentoring relationship between the manager and employee will build mutual trust and hopefully limit future defections," Matthews added.

Matthews further said that management should identify their star performers and need to discuss constructively about employees' career.

"High-value employees always have opportunities available to them. Know who they are and be sure to take care of them in ways that are meaningful and aligned with the businesses goals."

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