Taking the silk route

Taking the silk route


The silk lovers of the City can explore the different silks and silk products available in the market, and can also see the various stages in silk farming.

A silk theme pavilion consisting of a series of informative stalls, gives people ‘gyan’ about the nuances of sericulture.

One of the highlights at the expo is silk handicraft, where cocoons that are unfit for
reeling, are used for making a variety of flowers, designer garlands and flower bouquets that could be preserved for years.

Chidambaram, a guest faculty at CSTRI-Mysore, who specialises in making these handicraft said, “It is fascinating how wealth can be made out of waste cocoons.”

Representatives from the Central Sericulture Technological Research Institute(CSTRI) said that the main aim of the expo is to break the stereotype that silk is used only for saris.
“We have started making silk footwear, umbrellas and cosmetics. However, one of our greatest achievements is denim silk, where we have managed to get the same elasticity as regular denim,” said Veerabhadrappa from CSTRI.

The other highlight is a musical silk sari, embedded with navaratnas.
One could record music of their choice on to it and with the press of a button leave a musical trail behind. Lighting sari, consisting of 20 light emitting diodes, is a glittering tribute to silk.

Both the saris are powered by nine volt batteries and have a pouch stitched in the sari to power them.

For others, who are scintillated by the sense of smell, there is Sampangi sari giving off the aroma of the sampige flowers.

Silk purses are also in huge demand at the expo. “I always buy silk purses at the exhibitions. I think they are something exclusive and I personally haven’t seen them anywhere else in the City,” said Vijaya Dikshit, one of the customers at the Expo.
Visitors were seen shopping for a variety of silk saris that included Kashmiri silk to the traditional Mysore silk.

 “We have the habit of collecting silk saris from all states and there is no other place better then the expo, as silk vendors from all over the country are here,” said Prasanna Kumari and Anjali Gupta, visitors at the expo.

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