Distribution of gas tragedy compensation begins - but not for all

Distribution of gas tragedy compensation begins - but not for all

The enhanced compensation would be distributed through the claim courts, which have to complete the process by March 31, 2011. However, the list of 45,694 beneficiaries does not included those who had contracted cancer or suffered total renal failure after the Dec 2-3, 1984 gas tragedy, B.B. Srivastava the registrar in-charge of the office of the welfare commissioner, told reporters here.

"We did not get the final list of cancer and renal failure victims," Srivastava said.
Giving details of the disbursement, he said cases of death due to gas leak would be first disposed off. There are 5,295 such cases and compensation up to Rs 10 lakh is to be given. The amount already given to the claimants will be deducted from the total compensation and the amount will be transferred to a bank account.

A similar process will be adopted for other categories. Cheques will not be given to the claimants, who will get a receipt of the amount deposited in the bank.

After disposing off the death cases, the claims courts will take up 4,907 cases of permanent disability.

After this 35,455 cases of permanent partial disability will be taken up. The number of maximum serious injury cases is 42.

The gas leak from the Union Carbide plant here had killed over 3,000 instantly and some 25,000 over the years. It also affected over 500,000 people in Bhopal.