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Need of the hour


This refers to the news item "School boy killed as bus topples" (DH 16th Dec 2010).

It is indeed very tragic but the villager’s setting the bus on fire is irrational. In our country, literates and illiterates behave alike after such incidents. So it is imperative that in schools and colleges it should be part of the curriculum for students to know how to behave and be of help when accidents occur. Grown-ups need this education more.

Alice K Jose

Shun vegetables to stay healthy


About a week back DH had published that vegetables grown in the Vrishabhavati valley have high toxic content in them. Certain TV channels have reported that many vegetables are dipped in pesticides to remove worms.

A couple of days back the cabbage I bought from HOPCOMS had the strong foul smell of pesticide and we had to throw it out.

Many times we cannot detect the presence of pesticides in vegetables and fruits and we consume them at the cost of our health. It appears that shunning vegetables and fruits are the best way to protect our health.

Ramachandran P V

India should be cautious of China


This refers to " India great neighbour, visit to take ties to higher level: Wen"(DH 16th Dec 2010.

“Hindi – Chini Bhai Bhai” is a worn out slogan which was dinned into our ears in the early sixties, Indian government not able to decipher the sinister designs of China. Chou en lai visited unsuspecting India .

The Chinese invasion followed. Caught by surprise India suffered huge loss of territory and the precious lives of many military personnel. 

Wen’s words should be taken with a pinch of salt, since China has never been trustworthy.

N Seshaprakash

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