CB Pur athlete brings laurels to India

People of Manchanabele sponsored Shrinivas trip to Malaysia

Shrinivas, who wanted to carve a niche for himself in the world of sports by representing the State at the international level, found his dream come true, when he was able to represent the State in Malaysia, overcoming several obstacles.

The road to fame has not been an easy one for Shrinivas. Crippled by financial constraints which prevent him from participating in various sports events, especially international events, his dream of proving his mettle on the international terrain failed to materialise.

Last year, however, opportunity came knocking on Shrinivas’ door, when he was invited to participate in an international event. Bogged down by financial constraints he could not make it to the event.

This year, when he again had an opportunity to take part, people of Manchanabele did not let the aspirations of their son down.

Leaders, philanthropists, representatives of various organisations and associations contributed generously and just a few days before the event, garnered money to meet his expenses.

They sponsored his trip to Malaysia and Shrinivas left for the venue on December 6. Carrying the support and best wishes of his well-wishers, he participated in the 10-km marathon this month and bagged the second place.

Beats a 1,000 athletes

Shrinivas won the silver medal by beating more than a 1,000 athletes who also took part in the event.

“It was the most important time of my life. It was like expressing my gratitude to all those who believed in me. I remembered everyone who supported me,” says a beaming Shrinivas to Deccan Herald.

“I will definitely excel in my field, provided I get the same support and encouragement from my people. I am already aiming for the gold medal,” he said.

It can be recalled that Deccan Herald had written on Shrinivas.

Entries in Shrinivas’ diary

Sharing experiences of his first ever visit on foreign soil, Shrinivas said he had a glimpse of both sides of Malaysia.

While the glories of the country with its magnificent skyscrapers, roads and commercial establishments enamours the tourists, poverty and grief on the streets left him disturbed.

The cost of living is expensive in Malaysia. One MYR Ringgit is equal to Rs 14. “I was put up on the 35th floor of a building, where most of the others sportsmen were staying. The everyday rent at the hotel was Rs 2,500. I wished to bring some souvenirs and gifts for my people and friends over here.

“But the Customs officials at the Malaysian airport did not permit me to carry them. I was extremely disappointed,” Shrinivas added.

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