Sharing the fun with buddies

Sharing the fun with buddies


Sharing the fun with buddies

INFORMATIVE Some messages can be quite an eye-opener.

These messages, which usually are a piece of thought, jokes or quotes received on mobile phones, have the capacity of evoking varied emotions and capture the attention of those who receive them. Some of these are humourous, some inspirational or thought-provoking while others are meant just to kill time. Metrolife took a look at this habit of sharing, saving and popularising short messages by young people.

Shruthi, a student of Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women, finds these text messages interesting. “I get various kinds of messages everyday. Most of them are informative, some are eye-openers and some simply funny. If they are really cute, I paste them on my account on a social networking site as my status message,” she says. “I forward jokes and inspirational quotes to my friends and I write down those which are close to my heart,” she adds.

Shilpa, a friend of Shruthi, echoes the same thought. Shilpa says when she got the cellphone for the first time, she used to jot down these messages on a notebook. “Now, when I turn those pages, I laugh at myself. I had written down some nonsensical stuff too and they look ridiculous,” she laughs.

Ajeya Krishna, a BBM student, is interested in inspirational and humourous messages. “I like to receive such messages and store them in my inbox. And I always forward them to my buddies. Some messages definitely put a smile on our face no matter where we are. Some of them make us think for a while. But at the same time, some are misleading too. So, we can’t treat all of them equally,” he adds. 

He finds forwarded messages a great way to communicate with the peer group. “Because there is no need to type a whole message. We can send them with just a click. Though, some messages are exaggerated, the whole purpose of a forward message is to have fun with friends and to keep in touch with them. Hence, jokes are quite popular with us,” he adds.

Surabhi K T K, a PUC student, has the habit of collecting all the messages irrespective of their nature. Be it jokes, information or inspirational quotes, she writes them on a separate notebook, which is dedicated for this sole purpose. “This habit developed in me when I bought my mobile phone for the first time. It’s a nice experience to go through all those messages whenever I am free and recollect the memories associated with them,” she states.