Johnson & Johnson launches nicotine gum in India

Nicorette is a sugar-free nicotine gum that helps reduce nicotine craving.
“Nicorette is not just a chewing gum, but a complete infrastructure and support system that can help smokers quit the habit and lead a healthier life,” Tushar Murdeshwar, Johnson & Johnson India general manager for marketing, said.

Beginning Dec 25, Nicorette will be available in packs of 4mg (10 gums) for heavy smokers through a doctor’s prescription. Also available is an over-the-counter product of 2mg (4 & 10 gums)for light smokers.

A nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) product, Nicorette provides therapeutic and clean nicotine, slowly and in lesser quantities as compared to a cigarette. It is just enough to satisfy the smoker's nicotine craving.

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