Attitude is everything

Yes, without any exaggeration, one can discern that attitude is all-important. It can make or mar the life of everyone, and it is usually one of the unseen components of criteria that judges people in all walks of life, in contests, competitions and interviews.

It goes without saying that people will in many cases tolerate to a certain extent cunningness, rudeness, incivility, acrimoniousness, selfishness and other odious traits, but usually an inept attitude and adjustment problem may not be tolerated. It reflects one’s entire thinking and perception. It could infer that one is not looking at the bigger picture and is missing the woods for the trees.

Let’s take a pivotal example to show how important attitude can be. There were two young girls, both striking and having razor sharp minds. While the first girl was suave, confident and had sharp reflexes, the second girl was conscientious, but having a low self-esteem and a conspicuous attitude and adjustment problem.

The second girl would often complain and nag and incessantly find fault with the first girl. True, the first girl was street smart, shrewd, clever and deceptive, but she put it down to the need to survive in today’s cut throat “Survival of the fittest” world. The second girl should have come to that understanding and moved on.

Instead, she ranted and fumed and raved about the first girl’s “luck” and “good fortune”. Though the nasty little tricks were done by the first girl only once, the second girl would it keep the memories locked in her brain, obsessed by them and bringing up the “injustices” frequently and thus rankling everyone. No prizes for guessing who the eventual winner was in this tussle.

Though the second girl was born to win, was kind and good natured to a fault, due to her persistently erroneous attitude, she had conditioned herself to lose while the first girl, though devious and deceptive, won hands down.

Another simple example to show the contrast of good and bad attitude is: Take two forms of carbon, diamond and coal. Diamond is the hardest substance known and everyone wants to flaunt it, especially beautiful women. On the other hand, coal is black and sooty, and people want to keep away from it because it is so messy.

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