Building on visualisation courses

Building on visualisation courses

 Chennai-based Dhrishticone Architectural Communications offers a program on Architectural Visualisation and Animation for Hearing and Speech Challenged Individuals.

The course would teach the art of visualisation, visual architectural presentation skills, the art of seeing inside and outside, and the art of perspective. “Besides the fine art and skills of architectural communications, the academy will impart skills of personality development and behavioural science to help academy graduates to develop the confidence and skills to pursue their carriers in a space of their own choice,” says Vijay Bargotra, director, Dhrishticone Architectural Communications.

He adds, “As this is a form of visual art, hearing or speech impairment does not pose a limitation to skill development. Creative individuals can do well in this field of art. Although a facilitator could be required to co-ordinate the work, interact with the clients and understand project requirements, a significant part of the production process can be managed without verbal interaction. An individual's observation skills, creativity and ability to develop technical skills will suffice to make visualisation as his/ her career.”

The course will be an inclusive one - both the hearing challenged and those without hearing challenges will be taught together.

Not just architecture, visualisation services hold relevance in domains like product design, movie animation and corporate presentation, etc. Once the requirement is known, the visualiser can give form to the project through design drawings, images or text and deliver it to the client.

The program includes about 300 hours of classroom training/ studio exercises. A one-year part time evening program, it is held in capsules of 3-hour sessions twice a week. If there is sufficient demand, the course would be held as a weekend course on Fridays and Saturdays.

The program is open to both undergraduates and graduates with aptitude for visual arts. The fee for the course is Rs 75,000 and while the academy does not guarantee placements, it will help successful candidates in finding placements.

The program will largely be work-based, including outdoor sessions, extensive homework and web-based research, besides lectures on compiled study material, creativity enhancement workshops, hands-on visualisation practice, and observational visits. The course is split into four modules — firstly, an introductory orientation module, and next, an informative module to impart knowledge about the various architectural disciplines. The third module will help create realistic visuals of the designs, give training in image editing and enhancement and the fourth module focuses on creative animation, post-production, and also soft skills like tips for effective work management, planning and effective organisation in the workplace, and professional ethics. While additional training could be necessary to impart knowledge of necessary software to the student, candidates need to be computer literate and show a readiness for learning new computer applications.

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