Akshay never asked me anything about Shah Rukh: Farah Khan

Farah says it was a big decision for her to work with any other actor than Shah Rukh, the star of her last two films 'Main Hoon Naa' and 'Om Shanti Om'. However, she is glad that she went for Akshay Kumar, with whom she shared a great comfort level from the very beginning.

"All Akshay did was ask about the story idea and then discuss around logistic related to production. Never once did Shah Rukh came in the middle of our conversation, whether the ones that we had initially or during the making of 'Tees Maar Khan'," Farah told PTI.
The choreographer-turned-filmmaker says Akshay allocated his dates easily but the real challenge for her and husband Shirish Kunder was to launch their production house in about four months.

Farah narrated the story to Akshay in November last year and the actor allocated dates for the shooting to begin in March this year.

"In four months, we had to set up a production house and get the entire infrastructure set up in place. We faced some hard times. The least we would have wanted at that time was for our leading actor to talk about my so-called issues with Shah Rukh. But Akshay never once did that. Things were very clear between us," says the director.

Though Farah is not willing to talk about what went wrong between her and Shah Rukh, the director has been praising Akshay to the skies. Akshay is also the co-producer of the movie, which hits theatres a day before Christmas.

"Shirish and I gave Akshay a small narration and he said that he was fine with it. The next thing that he mentioned was about bringing in funds. He only suggested that we could work together in the film by co-producing it and then later sell it outside."

Akshay plays a streetsmart conman while Katrina Kaif is a wannabe itemgirl in the movie. 'Sheila ki jawaani', a song picturised on her is already ruling the music charts.

Farah is keen to end the year with a big bang but she cannot help reliving the time when she was clueless about the beginning of the movie.

"It was a big step for me to be making something without Shah Rukh. Our script was ready and Shirish and I didn't know whom to go for the title role. We were still undecided and there were weeks that went by," Farah says adding that she instinctively picked up the phone and dialed Akshay.Everything was on track after that, she says.

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