Traffic woes galore

A view of messy traffic movement in the city. DH PHOTO

Unending road widening works, chaotic traffic movement, road blocks and pathetic condition of roads make driving in the City literally a nightmarish experience. With limited number of cops, the traffic police strive to control the vehicle movement and the top police officials are pinning hopes on the government for the approval of a proposal of establishing two more traffic police stations and appointing more cops.

Rise in vehicles

What makes the situation worse is the increasing number of vehicles. As per the statistics from the Mangalore RTO, an average of 2,000 vehicles are being registered every month. In addition to this, vehicles registered in other districts too enter the City.

RTO Seva Nayak told City Herald that 21,115 more vehicles are added to the total as on October 31, 2010. “The total number of vehicles under the Mangalore RTO was 2,92,005 as on October 31, 2009.

It has been increased to 3,13,120 by the end of October this year and out of that, 1,93,115 are two-wheelers,” Nayak said.

An average of 1,200 - 1,500 two-wheelers are being registered every month from the Mangalore RTO, he said adding that a total of 8,835 two-wheelers were already registered as on October 31 this year and it is expected that the number may cross 15,000 by the end of the financial year.

A total of 14,385 vehicles have already been registered by the end of October this year taking the total to 3,13,120.

Bus drivers find it very difficult to maintain the timing and many a time, they are being forced to cut a trip when they could not reach the destination in time. Ramprasad, a city bus driver, said that it was because of the bad roads and improper traffic management the chaotic situation prevails in the City.

He said that a comprehensive traffic management system should be in place to solve the problematic situation.

Shortage of cops

City Police Commissioner Seemanth Kumar Singh said that the traffic movement in the City will be made hassle-free once two new traffic stations are opened and more cops are appointed.

A proposal has already been sent to open two new stations - North Traffic Police Station and South Traffic Police Station. Towns including Mulky, Suratkal and Kavoor will come under the North station. Meanwhile, Kankanady, Ullal and Konaje will be brought under the South station, Singh explained adding that the proposal will be approved by the government soon.

He said that both the stations will have 60 cops each to manage traffic in their respective areas. An Assistant Commissioner will be heading the entire city traffic unit. All the four traffic stations, including the existing two stations, will have one Inspector, two sub inspectors and 60 policemen each, he added.

25 two-wheelers

Singh said that 25 new motor bikes will be bought for the traffic police stations. Cops can use the bikes to reach spots instantly whenever there is an emergency, he added.

Electronic hand-held devices with printers have already been introduced on trial-basis to penalise the traffic offenders. Traffic cops can impose fine on violators on the spot using the device, which has a programmed memory.

 The device will be given to all traffic cops within a week, Singh said and added that CCTV will be installed at identified spots in the City to monitor the movement of the vehicles and to prevent the traffic rules violation.

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