A vocalist par excellence

Vageesh, a Mysorean is heading the South Indian Music section in the All India Radio , Delhi. He belongs to the lineage of Tiger Varadachar.

He was trained by Vid. Mahalakshmi , whose Guru was Vid. Subbukrishna, a disciple of Tiger.  She is regarded as one of the senior most vidushis of Mysore who has successfully trained many  good students.

Vageesh was accompanied by H.N.Bhaskar(Violin),T.A.S.Mani(Mridanga) and Sukanya Ramgopal(Ghata). He started the concert with  his own composition, a  Varna in Todi Raga which proved his talent as a composer too. 

His singing carries no airs and frills. It is pure dedication and sincerity. Every phrase , every Krithi touches your heart with its purity and earnestness. The solid manodharma is his forte. Bhaskar stood with him in this musical journey for the pleasure of listeners. An alapana in Hamsadhwani lead to ‘Vandipe ninage’ of Purandara Dasa with crisp and lively Kalpana swaras.

Imagination blossoms

His fertile imagination blossomed in all the kalpana swaras through out the kutcheri. Raga Kalavati unfolded its hidden beauty and ‘okabaarijudagarada’ of Tyagaraja was absorbing. Raga Hamsanandi was an example for his involvement that brought the raga bhava in every sangathi.

It was in a leisurely approach with a variety of combinations to please the rasikas. ‘sama gana vinodhini’ flourished with neraval and kalpanaswaras.

A raga taana and pallavi was dedicated to P.G.L with true devotion. “Dhyayet Aacharya Laksminarayane layanipunam smithavadanam” was yet again his own composition in Keeravani, Khanda Triputa tala. ‘Hanave ninnaya guna’,the kannada devaranama was enjoyable. Senior Laya vidwan T.A.S Mani who was also felicitated on the occasion played a lively tani avratana with Sukanya Ramgopal.

Moonlight music

The moonlight music of JSS math presented Kasaravalli sisters Roopa and Deepa this fullmoon day. Blessed with identical voice and looks, their singing is homogeneous. Whether it is a Devaranama , a vachana or alapa, their presentation is neat and perfect.  
They were accompanied by H.N.smitha(Violin),A. Radhesh(Mridanga) and S.Manjunath(Ghata).They switched on to Devaranama and Vachanas after a few classical Krithis like ‘Subrahmanyena rakshitoham’(Shuddhs dhanyasi-Adi-Muthuswami Dixitar), ‘Brovabarama’(Bahudhari-Adi-Tyagaraja).

Combination of ragas

The expansion of raga Kamavardhini was very good that lead to ‘Guruvina gulamanaguvatanaka’ of Purandara Dasa. An interesting piece was ‘Kailasavasa Gowrisha esha’ of Vijayadasa tuned by Husen saab in a combination of two ragas Brindavana sarang and darbari kanada.

A melodious Shloka ‘Manojavam Maarutha’ in Vasantha gave a link to ‘Saari bandane’of Purandara dasa. ‘Smariso sarvada Hariya’ in Hameer kalyani was very pleasing.
A meaningful suladi ‘Jagava suthihudella’ was followed by ‘Nee Mayeyolago ninnolu mayeyo’ in the raga Hamsanandi. ‘Manna madake’ (Pahadi) and ‘Chakorange chandramana’(Ahir bhairav)vachanas of Basavanna  were sung enhancing the meaning of them. Smitha, Radhesh and Manjunath certainly did contribute for the success of the concert.

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