Bridges cause for concern

More than 12 bridges on route may prove fatal any time

More than 12 bridges on Sringeri - Koppa and Sringeri - Kerekatte routes have been damaged, but the officials concerned are yet to respond to the issue. The Kavadi bridge on Sringeri - Koppa route is a danger zone where drivers of the vehicles from both sides cannot see each other because of the height of the bridge. Recently, a car collided against a bus on the bridge.

The bridge near Anegunda has been damaged completely. The bridge, which was damaged in an accident two years ago, has not been repaired so far.

The condition of the bridge near Thorehadlu is no different that there is a deep lake by the side of the road here. Thunga river flows parellel to the road, but there is no revetment to protect the road.

The bridge across Thunga river near Sarveshwara Temple in Nemmarugadde has been damaged. Bridge across Vimala river near Kerekatte and many culverts near Shirlu too have been damaged completely.

The Kanakallugundi bridge near Kerekatte is posing threat to the commuters as it has been damaged and rivulets are there on either side of the road here.

The river across Korakanahalla, which was built in 1960 is now in pathetic state. Out of the 33 bridges on the National Highway, 12 are damaged either partially or fully. Though Sringeri is one of the major tourists destination, the government has not taken any initiatives to repair the bridges in the taluk.

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