Smiling faces turn red after Sen verdict

The activists, mainly of the People’s Union for Civil Liberties, of which Sen is a national vice-president, reached the court premises at 11 am and were confident that he would be acquitted.

Sen’s younger brother Dipankar looked relaxed and escorted his brother to the court room as activists claimed they expected “a great victory.” By 1:30 pm, the whole scene changed. The beaming faces suddenly turned red in shock and disbelief. Some had wet eyes.

Once the judge sentenced Sen to life imprisonment, Dipankar broke down. One activist shouted in consolation: “Please, Dipankar, have respect for the court. It’s not the end of the road.”

Several of Sen’s associates called the judicial ruling “shocking”. A few reporters, too, reacted in disbelief. One newsman shouted: “Better be silent, brothers. Otherwise you too will meet the same fate.”

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