A complaint every half hour

A complaint every half hour

A complaint every half hour

Deputy Commissioner Manoj Kumar Meena is said to have received such complaints on Saturday every half to three-quarters of an hour.

The administration was taking efforts to act immediately. The Model Code of Conduct enforcement panel was given all information on the matter and investigating teams were sent to the places where the illegalities are said to have taken place.

No instance registered
However, there has been no instance registered of bribery, the Deputy Commissioner Meena told the Deccan Herald on Saturday.

“Complaints were received from Holur, Narasapur and Vemagal. I traversed the area for about three hours, but could not find any case of violation of the model code of conduct,” he said and added that a special team has been formed to handle the area.

“The sub-divisional officer has been told to raise vigilance levels in the constituencies,” he explained.

DC, SP go on a beat
In an unusual circumstance, the Deputy Commissioner as well as the District Superintendent Dr K Tyagarajan went on beat together on Saturday.

Both officers have been going around the district since Friday. This has made the lower rung police and election officers and staff sit up and be on better guard.

Two vehicles were confiscated and handed over to the police, Meena said.“We shall both be going on rounds all Saturday night in order to detect and catch discrepancies in election activity in the district,” the Deputy Commissioner explained.

A chase... and a whack
The Deputy Commissioner had to experience an unusual situation where he had to follow vehicles to ‘catch’ them.

When his attempt to catch the guilty red-handed by stopping vehicles near Arahalli to check failed, Meena had to take extreme measures to get the drivers follow his orders.
“Near Arahalli, I told the drivers to stop their vehicles. The first driver saw me and stepped on the accelerator, instead of stopping. We had to follow him and managed to stop him near Gulpet Police Station,” Meena explained and added that he even ‘gave a whack to the disobedient driver’.

The vehicle, however, had no illegal objects in it.