'Operation withdrawal' by BJP to ensure victory: Cong

Addressing reporters here on Sunday, Parameshwara alleged that BJP leaders had offered lakhs to Congress candidates, who filed nominations for the Zilla Panchayat and Taluk Panchayat elections, to withdraw from the contest. “They are planning to gain power in panchayats through money power. Currencies of thousand rupees were being distributed among voters using ambulance,” he charged.

“I had predicted that the BJP government will fall within three months, but now I assert that Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa will lose his power once the election results were declared. Many ministers in the BJP ministry will have to resign,” he added.  Yeddyurappa has no rights to continue as the Chief Minister as there is a situation of instability prevails in the Assembly, Parameshwara said. “Yeddyurappa had announced that he will be entering the national politics. His statement indicates that the government will not last long,” he added.  “I am surprised to see top government officials campaigning for the BJP in the State. Advisor to Chief Minister Dr A Ravindra has addressed the press persons at the BJP Office in the City, which is a clear breach of code of conduct,” Parameshwara said. To a query, Parameshwara said that Governor H R Bharadwaj has not played partisan politics. “The Governor is working within the framework of law. Let the BJP produce documents to prove allegations against the Governor,” he added.

On Hindutva
Commenting on the Hindu Samajotsava, Parameshwara said that nobody has given the contract of protecting the Hindutva to the BJP. “They (BJP leaders) think that they are the protectors of Hindutva. Let them learn a fact that there are Hindus in the Congress, the JD(S) and in most of all other parties. Time and again they are proving that they are communal,” he charged adding that the people will teach them a lesson in the elections.

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