One space, many films


Among the films that will be screened during the festival are: Bishar Blues by Amitabh Chakraborty. This 90-minute film based on the Fakirs of Bengal, explores their music and  spiritual life. 

K M Madhusudhanan’s film Maya Bazar is about Surabhi, a 120-year old travelling theatre company from Andhra Pradesh. Envisaged as a journey with the repertory company, the film examines the everyday activities of these travelling actors and their families.

The film also explores the traces of Parsi theatre, silent cinema from the Phalke era and the paintings of Ravi Verma in the design of the theatre company’s sets and costumes.

Shabani Hassanwalia and Samreen Farooqui’s Out of Thin Air is the story of one of the most surreal and hostile landscapes in the world.

This is the story of Ladakh, not through the postcards that tourists often see, but through the subterranean,

local film movement that has taken such strong root here in the last six years, that it has become a voice of the people.

Nishtha Jain’s City of Photos explores the little known ethos of neighbourhood photo studios in Indian cities, discovering entire imaginary worlds in the smallest of spaces.
Desires, memories and stories all deeply linked to photographs come together as a part of the personal journey into the city of photos.

 The film Kitte Mil Ve Mahi by Ajay Bhardwaj puts across a well-reasoned and eloquent quest of the Dalits in Punjab to take on the legitimacy of the deeply exploitative and humiliating caste system.

The films will be screened at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Manikyavelu Mansion, 49, Palace Road. All films will have English subtitles.

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