'Where is the party tonight?'

'Where is the party tonight?'


'Where is the party tonight?'

CHEERFUL Brigade Road and M G Road are the favourite hot spots of youngsters.

The youngsters in the City are leaving no stone unturned to go out and have loads of fun on the New Year’s Eve. With the countdown to the New Year just a few hours away, young Bangaloreans are all prepared to paint the City red. While some have already made reservations at restaurants and at their favourite hangout spots along with their buddies group, others have decided to ring in the New Year with their families.

Despite restrictions imposed by the police, M G Road and Brigade Road remain the  favourite destinations of the young people. Sumesh and his friends have planned to hang out on these stretches till midnight. “It is a visual treat to see the brightly lit stretches of M G Road and Brigade Road. We will join the crowd gathered over there and enjoy the night to the fullest,” he says.

Anvesh, an engineering student, is happy as his semester exams are over. He feels that the New Year celebration is not just one day affair but a week-long activity. “My friends and I are going for a trip to a nearby hill station and we will be back on December 31,” he says.

Being a hosteller, Anvesh has organised various activities in the hostel. “Since this is my last year here, we have decided to celebrate it in a different way. Hundreds of hostellers from different parts of the country will welcome the New Year with the spirit of oneness. We will decorate our rooms and ‘make-a-wish’ for the forthcoming year,” he informs. “We will also share each other’s best and worst day in the year just gone by. Loads of fun in the form of games, songs and dances will accelerate our festive spirit,” he adds.

Shilpa Nagaraj, a PUC student, is all set to welcome the New Year with the residents of her apartment. “We have formed an association and have been carrying out various activities. Usually, ladies and youngsters take active part in organising events for the occasion,” she says.

Vaidehi, a degree student, will be throwing a party for her friends at home itself. “Realising that it will be unsafe to go out, my parents have advised me to stay at home on the eve of New Year. Therefore, I am inviting two to three close friends to my place. We will watch television and do whatever we want. We will wish other friends through SMSes at midnight,” she says.