'UK or US: Which is better?'

'UK or US: Which is better?'

Dear Sir,
I am doing my BE (6th semester). My branch is electronics and communication. My aggregate till 5th sem is 77%. I wanted to pursue my higher education in UK. But some of my family members are telling me that UK is not good for IT. Please help me with this dilemma. Which do you prefer between USA and UK?

Dear Aman,
Continue doing well in your academics as you are in 6th semester. Since you are planning on higher education abroad be sure of the area of your choice in I T field. It is true that education is expensive in UK as not only the annual education fee is high but the cost of living is also high.

When it comes to being competitive I would say UK also ranks high. To study in UK after your engineering degree all you need is IELTS score as part of entry requirement.
Definitely USA is a haven

for further education for its flexibility and exposure. Also choice of universities is vast and invariably you get to choose depending on your budget etc. For USA you need to appear for GRE as well as TOEFL. Higher the score in GRE and your academics the chances of getting in to top rated universities are higher. Even getting an assistance ship or fee waiver stands a better chance.

Dear Sir,
I'm student studying engineering in mechanical branch. I have completed my second year and have a desire to study abroad. As we know that to study abroad we need to take up TOEFL and GRE. What is the best time to take up the exams so that I get into the top rated colleges in the world as soon as possible? What specialisations can I take up?
Please help me out to get out of this situation.
Sujay U

Dear Sujay,
I appreciate your forethought right from this stage. Having taken up mechanical engineering branch, which is basic engineering course and a mother of all branches, you have the choice of getting in to any specialised stream at the master’s level. I suggest you identify your deep interest by keeping in mind what the long term career choice of yours is. If you have not thought about it is time for you to do so. It may be advisable to have your aptitude checked out so that you will get guidance to what options are most suitable to you. You can then combine your aptitude and interest, which is an ideal choice. It is a very good idea to plan to study abroad as more and more opportunities are available to study abroad with the world shrinking and becoming a global village.
To get in to top rated universities in any country abroad GRE definitely helps, though countries other than USA admit even without GRE. However TOEFL or IELTS is a must depending on the country of your choice. Since you are so focused if you can take up these two tests before you complete your engineering without compromising on the academic performance you will not lose any time to get on with higher education.

Dear Sir,
I'm planning to do my MCA and then M.Tech. So can you tell me the courses offered for MCA graduates in M.Tech? It may be in India or abroad. Thank you.
Bindu K A

Dear Bindu,
Since you are specializing in computer applications area you have a platform to specialise in many technical fields either through academics or by training in specific fields. Among information technology fields some that are available to you are Web design programming, computer graphics and games, SAP, Oracle (People Soft) etc.
Some universities in India admit MCA graduates for the M Tech. An indicative one is that Mysore university offers through the International School of Information Technology open for engineering graduates and others with a masters in any discipline with selection based on their own entrance +CAT/MAT/PGCET. You may write to ‘Studying in India’ for more detailed information. Your options increase if you are planning to study abroad in which case you would be doing a Master’s program leading to an MS degree.
While you may plan to study further in countries such as UK, USA, and Australia etc. ideal destination could be USA as their universities have lot more flexibility and give opportunity to students to specialize in the field of their choice.
Most foreign universities have their own admission standards it may be worth while to approach World Educational Services at www.wes.org . Their primary role is to convert your present qualification measured in terms of grades or score to Grade Point Average. Also they fix the course credits that you have achieved in the field of your study, which will help in approaching Universities who will evaluate you for a specific course that you may choose to study.

Be aware that this is a paid service and it is worth while as your qualification is well evaluated which will come to use even while you are seeking employment.

Dear Sir,
I am Suresh Kumar R, studying in final year M.Tech Chemical engineering with a specialisation in Industrial Pollution Control at NITK Surathkal. I have aggregate of 8.14 cgpa. I am planning to do Ph.d abroad, in Europe or New Zealand. Please let me know the details about admission procedures and scholarships. I need full scholarship, so please suggest me some good universities which offers full scholarship. Thank you.
Suresh Kumar R

Dear Suresh Kumar,
It is appreciable that you have a clear career goal and pursuing much needed education in that field with fairly good performance level. Pollution control and environmental issues are the topics of the day and need much attention. Adding a doctoral degree in pollution control area would definitely be advantageous to start on a good career path.
As you know that any doctoral program involves lot of research work or you would have had to have some published material in the field in which you have interest in. Hence start doing lot of dissertation work and necessary practical exposure in the field of your interest as a project in your studies.

By now you would have realized that any doctoral program that too with full financial assistance is only possible when you are able to identify an university, specifically the professor concerned, that shows interest or has the necessary funding, which is of interest to them.

One can also opt to pursue doctoral program by paying for the course, which is very expensive as the minimum period required would be 3 years and may extend to 5 years also. It would be worth while to apply for an M Phil by your own funding in any university and look for research work so that you can pursue the Ph D program and financial assistance.

Do be on the look out for advertisements in news papers when a foreign university or government and other charitable institutions offer scholarships, which keep appearing now and then for specific doctoral programs. Be aware that it is academically highly competitive area and you need to match with it. Specific university cannot be identified without the necessary search by you.

I suggest you keep browsing through the websites of universities in Europe and New Zealand. I suggest you also write GRE and TOEFL / IELTS. Though GRE is not a must for European and New Zealand universities it helps if you have a high score.

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