Hyacinths cover all space

Hyacinths cover all space

The thick layer of hyacinth on the surface absorbs oxygen in water and blocks entry of light and air into depths.

Temperature rise
As a result, the temperature below the surface goes up resulting in death of aquatic forms. The hyacinth also sucks nutrients such as nitrogen, sulphur and potassium and destroys other aqua plants.

However it can be used to produce vermicompost as it can decompose easily. Most of organic farmers use it for the purpose.

With a tonne of hyacinth leaves nearly 500 kg of vermicompost can be produced. The leaves decays easily, making it more useful material to produce vermicompost.
According to Shivamurthy, State Director of Federation of Organic Farmers, clearing of the weeds not only helps to clean up the pond in the village, but also to produce manure for the farmers.

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