Displaying her acting prowess

Displaying her acting prowess

Dream Debut

Displaying her acting prowess

women power Kriti Malhotra, Kiran Rao and Monica Dogra.

“I never thought of acting. When the question came whether I want to do this film or not, it was clear to me it’s the kind of film I would always go and watch. I think I was really, really lucky in this case,” said Kriti.

Kriti had earlier done costume designing for Sarkar Raaj, the dream song in Delhi 6, Action Replayy and recently No Problem. “The acting kept happening in between. And then there was dubbing, but I continued with my costume designing until last month,” said Kriti.
Kriti has portrayed the character of Yasmin in Dhobi Ghat.

Though Dhobi Ghat is a film where emotions are expressed more through action, Yasmin has most dialogues in the film, said Kriti.

“Yasmin is one character who has a lot to speak. It’s about her perspective of the city and people and how they have affected her.  The whole character graph you get only through her voice,” she said.

Director Kiran Rao also identifies most with Yasmin’s character. Kriti said, “I think Yasmin is her closest character. She knows Yasmin so well that when we were acting out the scenes, she knew how Yasmin would say a line, how she would look, how she would pause between two sentences. In fact, I didn’t have to do much.”