Corruption poisoning professions too: Hegde

Corruption poisoning professions too: Hegde

Speaking at HR Professionals Day on ‘Corporate Governance-HR Perspective’, he said the past four and a half years had taught him what corruption could do to society.

“Except for the past four years, I was like a frog in the well. I believed what was shown to me as a lawyer and a judge. But I have seen so much suffering in the last four years that you wonder if we have lost that sense of humanity,” he said.

“Salaries of government employees had tripled since 2006 but greed had overcome need,” Hegde said.

He advised people to vote whenever there was an election, so that increased voting could negate the effects of the 25 per cent of votes, which were bought through money and liquor.

“You cannot live in a cocoon in a democracy. Be a part of it to strengthen it,” he advised the crowd.