Use RTI tool to dig out special fund status, dalits told

Use RTI tool to dig out special fund status, dalits told

United, parliamentarians from the community can do wonders

He was addressing the gathering at a programme organised jointly by Dr B R Ambedkar Research and Extension Centre and SC, ST Advocates Welfare Association, at B N Bahadur auditorium, here on Wednesday.

Vested interests

Sadashiva said that there are chances of persons with vested interests saying the same funds are used for developing a road or creating other basic amenities.

However, it is erroneous, as according to the law, the fund reserved for special component must be spent for the good of dalits only.

That apart, he asked the students of the centres to study about the status of their fellow men in villages and the facilities eluding them still.

The report would help the authorities concerned in shaping programmes for the benefit of that particular section of people.

Saying that, of the total number of parliamentarians, 150 belong to SC, ST, Sadashiva said if they stay united and fight for the cause of their sect, no doubt it would change the very picture of the nation.

Among the total population, 35 per cent fall in Below Poverty Line (BPL).

Majority of them again are dalits, who migrated to towns from their villages to eke out a living.

Referring to the relevant society, Sadashiva was sceptical about attaining equality as the feeling of inferiority and superiority is deep-rooted among all. This again raises another question- Is it possible for those with minimum eligibility to compete with the brainy? Sadashiva likened it to the reservation system.

Honour killings

When honour killings has emerged as a biggest challenge in the current society, is it that easy to check untouchability, another social taboo, existing since decades? was his another question.

“Among many ways to tackle the related crisis, attaining economic stability by making judicious use of the available opportunities may prove biggest help”, said Sadashiva.

University of Mysore, Vice-chancellor, Prof V G Talawar, Dr B R Ambedkar Research and Extension Centre Director Dr J Somashekar, Prof V K Nataraj and SC, ST Advocates Welfare Association President C Sheshaiah were present.