Selfish people looting natural resources: BSY

Selfish people looting natural resources: BSY

Steps to ban iron ore export has put me in crisis-like situation

Participating in the 175th anniversary celebrations of Maharaja’s Junior College (previously Raja’s Free School), the chief minister clarified he was not making any individual references. However, he bemoaned that the steps he took to curb export of iron ore had put him in a crisis like situation.

“If the nation succeeds in retaining those resources which are available in plenty, we can live without any inadequacies,” Yeddyurappa said.

In an indirect reference to the scuffle between him and the Governor, Yeddyurappa said there are only a few people with good conduct against thriving fiends regarded as ‘elders’.
The words uttered by the latter always silence the former. But it would be complete injustice meted out to the younger generation, if we (good people) keep mum.

Earlier, the chief minister took part in the ongoing ‘atirudra mahayaga’ at Maharshi School premises.

He told reporters that all, including him, committed mistakes. Hence, he prayed to god to forgive the wrong doings. The chief minister said he would take everybody into confidence and deliver good administration.

“It’s only for peace and solace that I am participating in this ritual,” added Yeddyurappa.