Beauty is not just skin deep

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Last Updated 30 January 2011, 10:18 IST
Beauty is not  just skin deep

In a chat with Metrolife, she pointed out the change in outlook towards skincare and the basic dos and don’ts when it comes to looking after one’s skin. The ignorance about skincare is to such an extent that people neither know nor can they identify their skin type. According to Veena, there are mainly three categories – normal, oily and dry skin.

Each of these broad classifications is further divided into categories based on the problems faced by an individual. For instance, dry skin is caused due to dehydration. The dehydration could be either oil induced or moisture induced. People can use a skin tester to determine their skin type. The tester also gives the sub category.

When asked, what are the ways of protecting one’s skin during winter, she said, “The first step is to analyse your skin type. People don’t realise that skin care too is a highly scientific process; they go by the commercials and buy the wrong moisturiser. Wrong cosmetics can damage your skin gravely. My sincere recommendation to people is to have a family beautician just like a family doctor who gives them right advice on what cosmetics to use.”

Various home remedies can be used to keep the skin healthy. “Applying raw milk every morning is the best moisturiser for someone with normal skin. For dehydrated skin, raw milk should be coupled with almonds. People with oily skin should use cucumber juice, lemon drops or glycerin,” she added.

For those aiming to make their skin fairer, she recommends applying overripe papaya.

“Tomatoes are also natural bleach and can be used,” she added. She attributes bad skin to bad lifestyle. “Increased stress levels at work, unhealthy diet and lack of sleep are all responsible for bad skin. Doing something as simple as eating 20 gms of dry fruit everyday and drinking four litres of water can keep your skin healthy,” she informed.

Are home remedies better then products available in the market? She said, “There is just too much pollution in the cities. Home remedies are good but they only give temporary relief. We are in the 21st century and there are products created specially for our needs, so why not make use of them. However, it is essential to take advice from an expert before using them.”

(Published 30 January 2011, 10:18 IST)

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