'I never want to lose ground'

'I never want to lose ground'


Anjana Sukhani

Anjana Sukhani is not just another actress who is content to be a glam doll. She believes the actor in her needs to make a difference to the script through her meaningful contribution.

“My role in every film is more important today than ever before because as an
actress I would like to be more responsible, Anjana told Metrolife. She was in the City recently to promote her upcoming film Jashnn-The Music Within.

Anjana has just completed acting in Jashnn-The Music Within, directed by Mahesh Bhatt, where she plays the role of Sarah who falls in love with a boy who has no identity of his own. She transforms the man through courage and her love.

“The role is an inward journey and it teaches you how to be accountable in love and not consider love to be frivolous,” Anjana says and adds, “I was told before taking up the role that I must be the character that every man would love to have as his wife or girlfriend. She must be that passionate.”

Anjana had been in a lot of ad commercials before she hit the silver screen. Cinema, she says, was the last thing on her mind. “I had no background in acting but once I began acting, I began enjoying it.”

She sees acting and life complementing each other. “Acting is all about listening and reacting to it. I believe it’s important to keep contact with yourself as an actress and never lose ground. The moment you think highly of yourself, you lose focus and start slipping,” she says.

But the actress also admits that playing different characters is like feeling and living a different person everyday. “These different emotions, in a way, prepare me to face real life situations. Sometimes I play a sensible role. Sometimes a dumb blonde, flirtatious and other times, a hot sexy babe. All these are just accentuated streaks of an individual’s personality,” Anjana explains.

She says she loves working in romantic comedies and has a huge collection of chick flicks. She is now looking forward to playing an ultra glamourous role sometime. “Glamour is all about attitude, actually it is 75 per cent attitude and the rest is glamour, proper.”

Anjana’s forthcoming film is Jai Veeru, in which she plays a girl who transforms a boy’s life. Her other film in the offing is Tum Milo To Sahi Rehan, which portrays love among three generations. “When you are in your 60s, you want companionship. In your middle age, you are caught between your personal and professional life and in your college days, you have so many crushes and go through a roller-coaster ride through various wild emotions,” explains Anjana, who plays a college girl in Tum Milo To Sahi Rehan.

The actress says she’s always in touch with reality because the moment you let success get to your head, then you would start feeling lonely, fearful and insecure.

Anjana confesses that she wants to explore opportunities in cinemas in other languages, including Kannada. She is just waiting for the right offer. Is Sandalwood listening?

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