A journey of passion

A journey of passion


Graceful: Aranya Narain

Her tryst with Bharatanatyam started at a tender age and from then on, it has been an endless journey of passion for Aranya. “Bharatanatyam is a divine expression of my passion. It has also helped me evolve as an individual over the years and I feel so blessed to be a disciple of my guru, who has not only taught me this dance form but also the profound cultural values associated with it,” said an elated Aranya Narain.

Aranya started with a Pushpanjali, the offering of flowers to the almighty followed by a Devi shloka on Gayathri in Ranjanimala raga. Her facial expressions and movements were elegant as she subtly presented the piece.

This was followed by a Krithi composed by Tanjore Shankar Iyer in Ranjanimala raga which elucidated on the beauty and divinity of the Goddess. This piece was wonderfully presented by her with great elan. The costume also complemented the dance well. After this piece was a Varnam in Purvikalyani raga, where a devotee pines for Lord Muruga to end her sufferings and appeals to her friend to bring her Lord back to her. The agony expressed through her eyes and movements was moving and evoked a lot of emotions among the audience.  

Up next was Padam in Huseni raga, a composition by Subbarama Aiyar, a sequel to the previous piece in which the heroine asks the Lord to relieve her of her anxieties and expresses her desire to unite with him for eternity. It was indeed a visual delight to watch this piece imbued with intense expressions and beauty. Her next piece was
an Ashtapadi in Shuddha Sarang raga and a rare composition by the poet Jayadeva. This piece reflected her yearning to meet her beloved as she narrated the pain of separation to her friend.

Following this was a Devaranama, composed by Purandaradasa, called Kadagola Tharenna Chinnave in Yamankalyani raga. It depicted the relationship between the mother and child and how Yashoda struggles to control the mischief of Lord Krishna. On the nattuvangum was Pulikeshi Kasthuri accompanied by Vasudha Balakrishna on the vocal, G Gurumurthy on the mridangam and Vivek V Krishna on the flute. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the show. “Her dance had a lot of expressions and the depth of emotions was conveyed in every piece. It was a beautiful performance and a treat to the eyes indeed,” said Geetha, a homemaker. The last piece was a Thillana in Bhilahari raga, a composition of M D Ramanathan.