Upbeat about 'Jashnn'

Upbeat about 'Jashnn'

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Upbeat about 'Jashnn'

Adhyayan Suman, Shahana Goswami and Anjana Sukhani made their way to a city hotel where the music directors Toshi and Sharib performed. The duo sang crowd favourites like Dhire Dhire Se from Aashiqui to songs from the movie Raaz to songs from their new movie Jashnn.

Bangalore’s elite sat very properly on white banquet chairs making polite conversation. Nobody sang along or even cheered. The energy was very low. Hors d'oeuvres were passed around generously. Tipplers indulged in their favourite sin. The event was fairly exclusive. The guest list was small and carefully chosen.

The cast sat round the table with friends munching titbits and enjoying some wine. The friendly stars spoke to fans and readily agreed to be photographed. Goswami looked chic in a green top. The new haircut made her look cute and pixie like. Suman wore a checkered shirt with T-shirt and jeans. Sukhani wore a pretty brown dress. Bhat was in  rumpled cotton shirt and comfortable jeans. On the whole, the cast didn’t score high on the glamour quotient.

The musical duo crooned the night away, every now and then narrating an anecdote to the audience or reciting shayari. Bhat sat in the front seat encouraging the duo. Suman and Goswami were invited to the stage and the actors sang along side Toshi and Sharib. The audience finally woke up and joined in.

What was interesting to note was that at some point the backing musicians left the stage and nobody seemed to notice as it made very little difference to the performance. They seemed completely bored. The sound was quite bad. It jarred loudly and the feedback was unbearable. This didn’t seem to make much difference to Toshi and Sharib who belted it out, of course, every now and again pausing to request the sound engineers to up the volume on the monitors or the mike.

Over all, the evening felt like a karaoke night with the stars. One fan though seemed to have had a ball. He walked onto stage and danced with the performers.