'I would rather own horses'

'I would rather own horses'

Practical man

High flyer: Naveen Jindal

But Naveen Jindal, who normally can’t take a minute off his busy schedule, made time to fly a Rafale aircraft after a formal invitation from them.

After taking instructions about the safety measures that are specific to a civilian who wants to fly the aircraft, Naveen said, “I am a little nervous. I don’t usually fly a plane but wouldn’t mind once in a way,” he told Metrolife. But Naveen says that he always had a fascination for planes.

He has flown an F-18 and an F-16. “Flying is a miracle. Pilots are plain people but they become special when they fly. But they’re heroes, no doubt,” he said with a smile. Asked if ever wanted to own one of these aircraft, he laughed and said, “They're not practical and can’t be used on a regular basis. I would rather own horses than planes,” he signed off.