Animal lover with a difference

Animal lover with a difference

Udaya Gatti in his shop at Pilar.

It is common in any part of our nation that no one will bother if a dog dies in a road accident. The carcass will be remaining on the street for hours or sometimes for days, but nobody will be there to clear it.

Neither the district adminstration nor the City Corporation has separate mechanism to dispose the carcass of dog, cat or any other animals, which die on the road.

Here is a person, who dedicates his time and energy to either save animals which meet with accidents or to bury them when dies on the street. Udaya Gatti (43), who has a shop at Pilar in Someshwar near Ullal, never bothered about the money or time he spent to serve animals in his life.

His love for pets started during his school days and still he continues to serve rescuing injured animals or burying the dead. He is even ready to close his shop and rush to spots to serve the animals.  

Gatti does not walk away, if he finds an animal lying in an injured condition. Instead, he takes it home and nurses it. One who visits the house of Gatti will come know about his love for pets. He rears eight cats and a dog in his house.

Speaking to City Herald, he said that he feels sorry to see carcass of the animals remaining on the roads even after it is being rotted. “Neither the local government nor general public bother to clear the carcass even if it starts stinking. I consider saving animals and burying carcasses a service to the society and I will extend my service in future too,” Gatti said.

He said that he has no aversion in touching the stinking carcasses. “I carry the rotten dogs and I bury it without any hesitation. Animals too have their own rights in their life. Hence, people should not let carcass remain on roads and public places for hours or days,” he said adding that he is ready to rescue animals or bury the dead within his locality.

“I have scooter and I am ready to rush to the spots if people request my help. However, people should arrange conveyance, if the animal is lying at far away places,” he said.
Gatti says that he does not remember exactly as to how many carcasses were buried and the exact number of animals saved by him so far. However, he recalls, “I have buried about 40 dogs so far.”

Gatti’s service to animal world is not limited to cats and dogs. He also rushes to schools and houses to chase away snakes. He says that he knows the technique of chasing away snakes without harming them.

Gatti is actively involved in many other social services and religious programmes too. He participates in ‘Shramadana’ programmes to develop roads and drainages in his region. Singing bhajans in temples is a part of his devotion. He also made his mark in donating blood that he had given blood for more than 15 times in his life.