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Favourite Hangouts

Abhilash Varma

Set in Koramangala, one of the most plush locations in the City, students from Christ University are spoilt for choice. The area is dotted with eateries, mall and coffee shops to suit all budget sizes.

The thrust is on activity, it seems. Gone are the days of endlessly sitting around and doing nothing but pontificating endlessly on everything under the sun.

“Coffee Days and Baristas are completely out. We don’t go there anymore. They are just about the coffee, which is very boring. Other places like Mocha and Boca Grande have games and there are Hookas and Sheeshas. They have a nice open seating area. We like to do things when we are out on a break,” said Adarsh Atal.

He goes on to add, “Lunch is not about eating, it is about going out and being with friends.”

Asked about the old Christ College hangouts, ones that the seniors faithfully introduced the juniors to, spaces they called their own, he said: “Places like Juke Box used to be pretty popular. But no one goes there anymore. I think it’s because they have remained the same. There used to be this other place called Madan’s Bar, no one goes there anymore, either. The trend of drinking for drinking’s sake is gone. The place that we mostly go would be Kairali. We are the only college kids amongst the corporate types there.”

“Initially, when we were in the first year, we used to go to the Forum a lot but we don’t do that anymore. Only when we have a couple of hours off, we go to the PVR to watch a movie. We might go to Landmark and Staples for stationary  not just to hang out,” said Abhilash Varma. When asked what they do when they are short on cash, she said:
“When we are broke or when we are feeling too lazy to step out, we just hang out at the Island on campus. After college, we like to head to Church Street. We go to Koshy’s a lot. Ice and Spice on St Mark’s Road is another regular place. We like to eat the Kulfi’s at the tiny shop outside Bowring. Blossom Bookshop is another favourite place to go to.”

As told to Vani Sreekanta

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