36 hours of videos uploaded on YouTube every minute

36 hours of videos uploaded on YouTube every minute

A top official of Google India told reporters here Wednesday that tens of hundreds of Indian movies from the classics of 1960s to the latest ones were available on YouTube.

The website is working actively to bring Hindi movies online, said Vinay Goel, head of products, Google India.

Salman Khan starrer "Dabaang" was the latest full-length Hindi movie made available on YouTube. Millions in India watched it for free.

Goel said many movie houses were bringing their films online. Several soap operas on various television channels are also available on YouTube.

Last year, 55 million people across the world watched Indian Premier League cricket live on YouTube, he said, pointing out the volume of information available online in various media formats.

"The amount of information being created on daily basis is mind-boggling. Last year, we created 800,000 of petabytes of data. One petabyte is a million gigabytes. You need 75 billion iPads required to store this data," he said.

According to him, 100 billion non-spam e-mails and IMs (instant messages) are sent every  day and 500 million people users visit various social sites.