Malaysian PM hosts those who follow him on Twitter

Malaysian PM hosts those who follow him on Twitter

The function, where people from all ethnic groups sat together to enjoy the food and have a dialogue with Najib, was also streamed live.

According to Najib's blog, 80,611 people follow the prime minister on Twitter while 566,805 people are fans of his Facebook page.

Among the guests was ethnic Indian P. Komalavalli who surprised the prime minister with a photograph taken in the 1960s.

The photograph had Najib's father and Malaysia's second prime minister, Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, with Komalavalli's father, Ponnusamy Pillai, a former senator and a co-founder of the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) that is the country's largest Indian-based party.

His father and Abdul Razak were both freedom fighters and friends, Komalavalli was quoted as saying by The Star.

Indians form eight percent of multi-racial Malaysia's 28 million population.