MCC invites tenders for solid waste mgmt scheme

MCC invites tenders for solid waste mgmt scheme

North zone contractor will have to clean beaches as well

Speaking to Deccan Herald, MCC Commissioner Dr K N Vijayaprakash said the proposal has been approved by the State government and after March 10, technical bid will be opened. Later, financial bid and technical bid proposal will be sent to the government for approval. Once financial and technical bids are approved, the solid waste management scheme will come into force in the city.

In fact, the City Corporation had invited bids for the implementation of the three package scheme on January 15, 2010. However, later the state government had asked the corporation to withhold the proposal stating that it needed some revision. Hence, the Corporation was forced to quash the tender notification. After a gap of one year, the government gave its green signal to go ahead with the scheme.

According to the scheme, the 60 wards in the MCC will be divided into North and South zones. The North zone will have 29 wards in a package, and the South Zone will have 31 wards in another package. Two contractors will handle the solid waste in these wards separately.

The contractors will have to go for door-to-door collection of waste, street sweeping, clearing vegetation, cleaning of road dividers and footpaths. They will have to transport the solid waste to the compost plant and dumping yard at Pachanady. This scheme will ensure proper implementation of door-to- door collection, as only two contractors are involved in the solid waste collection.

The third package will cover operation and maintenance of the compost plant and sanitary landfill site at Pachanady. 

He said the North zone contractor will have to clean beaches as well. The south zone contractor will have to take up mechanised sweeping of selected major concrete roads. The vehicles transporting solid waste to Pachanady will be fitted with Global Positioning System (GPS), so that their movement will be monitored by the MCC.