Lecturers begin hunger stir

Lecturers begin hunger stir

They have been staging protest by boycotting the classes for the last one week. As the government failed to initiate action to fulfil their demands, they began indefinite hunger strike from Tuesday, said Irfan.

The Government should pay a salary of Rs 20,000 per month as per the University Grants Commission (UGC) guidelines.

“However, we are paid only Rs 5,000 per month. Moreover, we have not received the salary for the last 12 months. The guest lecturers should be given job security and while appointing guest lecturers to 2011-12, the services of those who are already serving should be continued,” he said.

Former minister B B Ningaiah visited the protesting lecturers and assured to bring the matter to the notice of the government.

MLA M P Kumaraswamy who visited the lecturers said that he will hold talks with the Higher Education Minister and urged the protesting lecturers to withdraw the protest.

College Principal Jareena Kausar said as 26 guest lecturers are staging protest, the students are affected. A report has been sent to the government.