College to get NAAC grade within 10 days

College to get NAAC grade within 10 days

The team comprising Chairman Sudhir Gawhane, co-ordinator Dr S S Jain and member Prof M B Shukla inspected the college and gathered the data from the various departments during its two-day visit beginning on Monday.

They interacted with the principal, the lecturers  and students on quality of education and administration.

They also met alumni and the parents to gather information and assess the administration of the school, facilities provided to the collage that has 43 years of history.

Sudhir said the Committee would assess the quality of education and infrastructure in the college in order to accredit it with either of A, B, C or D grades. The NAAC grade would be crucial for the college to obtain various grants and if it failed to meet the standard, the college would be given five-year time to improve and apply for the assessment again.

The assessment would be announced within the next ten days. CMC member B A Lokeshkumar, former legislator M Shivanand, district surgeon Dr Manjunath and principal Prof B V Krishnappa were present on the occasion.