Not so long ago –
When I had telescopic eyes
I could see the stars and planets
All very clear, Hey guys!
But I bumped into things
That were close to me
For the life of me I couldn’t
See things close, you see?
 Some time ago
When my eyes were microscopic
The sight of a zillion germs
All around – made me sick
While my friends gorged on junk food
And found the water very clear
Swallowing all those germs
Was my biggest fear.


When I had a bioscope vision
I could only see movies
And nothing else – just imagine!
My friends, they spent on tickets
To see their favourite stars
While I had no choice but to see them
In all my waking hours.


When my eyes were binocular
Even while sitting in the last row
My view was very
much clearer
Watching matches in the stadium
I was more than excited
For unlike all the others,
I was extra lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ong sighted.


An empty plastic bottle
Tap dancing under a fan
Peas in boiling curry
Jive in a cooking pan
Curtains coaxed to sway
By the gentle breeze
Light branches swing
Rustling leaves in trees
Clothes in the washing machine
Spinning and having fun
Dust motes dancing secretly
Caught unawares by the sun.


Grains of sugar moving in a row
On closer scrutiny
What do I see?
Ants that carry them and each other follow
Busier than bees, they do it with such ease
As if on cue
In an orderly Q
Thank God ants don’t get diabetes!  


My dear dog Daisy
Is so bashful and coy
But the dog she’s in love with
Is just a stuffed toy!
My pet parrot Polly
Mimics just everybody
Even the cuckoo in the clock,
And the burp of a baby!
My neighbour’s sheep Shylie
Cuddles up to me
For the wool of my sweater
Is sheared from her mom, you see!


Fluffy clouds
On a sunny day
Unflavoured milk
In a cup on my tray
Tiny milk teeth
Of little children
Salt and sugar,
Water when frozen


Lips. And cheeks
By the blood rush
Colouring them
To cause a blush
Cotton Candy
The colour of a rose
A new born baby’s
Feet and toes.

Colour of the sun
When it rises and sets
Discarded leaves
Which the tree sheds
Bananas, pineapples,
Brass and gold
Lemons and yolks
Sunflower, Marigold.


The clearness of the sky
Before the other
Myriad colours
Come and take over.
Network of veins
Depths of the sea and river
The flow of ink
A pea-cock’s feather


Apples, tomatoes
The gush of blood
Burning coal
Bricks and mud
Cherries, strawberries,
Water-melons beneath
Smiles that expose
Betel leaf-stained teeth.
When many colours
Unite and merge
Beautiful things
Happen and emerge.
White light separating
Into beams of colour
Forming a rain-bow
Is the magic of Nature.


Does an embarrassed sheep feel sheepish?
How does a frog play leap-frog?
How tough a life is called a dog’s life
When it is led by what else – a dog?
Does a chicken chicken out
When it is cowardly in fear?
When a crocodile feigns grief,
Does it shed a crocodile tear?
Does a goose get goose-flesh
When in great excitement?
Can an ass make an ass of himself?
And a fish, fish for a compliment?

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