Journey through the seven wonders

Journey through the seven wonders

Gandhinagar Grapevine

Directed by Raghuram, the movie’s USP is that for the first time a Kannada movie will be shot at all the seven wonders of the world.

   “When I was in college I    remember watching a song from the movie Jeans, and I thought that one day when I get into direction, I will shoot a film at all the seven wonders of the world,” says Raghuram.   

In the film Shivanna is seen taking a group of people through the seven wonders of the world.

“It’s a new concept where the hero takes the heroine and her family for a tour of the seven wonders and there is a wonderful love story that plays as an undercurrent,” he adds.
Currently, the movie has completed shooting at four wonders — Petra, Colosseum of Rome, Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Eiffel Tower. “I am still trying to get the permission to shoot at the Great Wall of China,” adds Raghuram.   

Ask Shivanna about his favourite destination, “Petra, in Jordon is my favourite wonder. The schedule was so hectic that we couldn’t really stay in each place for more than ten hours, so there was no time to shop or see anything but there was a lot of thrill,” he says while adding, “though there was a shortage of time and the schedule was tight, this is one experience that I can never forget.”

The movie also stars Sonal Chauhan, Tarun, Venkatesh, Chitra, Doddanna, Sangeetha and Shanthamma.

Offending producers apologise

There was a lot of furore in the Kannada film industry after Telugu movie Swetha Nagara and Malayalam devotional songs, dubbed in Kannada, were shown on a private channel. 

After looking at the material, KFCC President Jayamala said that the producers have given an apology letter to the chamber. “The producers have handed over the material along with an apology note saying that they will not do it again. Both the documents are in the custody of the film chamber now,” said Jayamala, while adding, “I don’t know whether this has been done on purpose or not since it is very clear that we do not encourage dubbing of movies of other languages. But they did own up their mistake.” Jayamala also expressed that from now on the KFCC will be keeping a close eye so that such malpractices are not repeated.

Double treat for Yajna

Yajna Shetty is on top of the world and why not? After all, two of her movies, Eddelu Manjunatha and Love Guru are releasing on the same day. “I am very excited and nervous at the same time. I am eagerly waiting for the audience’  reactions to the films,” says the actress, who was first seen in Ondu Preethiya Kathe.

Playing two contrasting characters, Yajna says, “In Eddelu Manjunatha I play the role of a housewife, Gowri. The look in  the film is a very deglamourised one, while in Love Guru, I play a college girl Priya, who is a very bubbly and lively.”

It is said that in Eddelu Manjunatha, almost 95 per cent of the time Yajna is seen crying in the movie and apparently she did all this without  using any glycerine. “My character demanded that I cry all the time, I felt so bad for the character in the movie that I really didn’t need any glycerine at all,” she says while adding, “But on the other hand in Love Guru I am seen laughing 95 per cent of the time.”

Ask her which one would she suggest the audience to watch and she says, “I am deeply attached to both the movies, so I can’t choose. But I can say one thing, if the audience wants to see a serious Yajna Shetty, they should watch Eddelu Manjunatha but if they want to see a bubbly Yajna Shetty, they should watch Love Guru.” Probe her a little further and you discover that it is the character Priya in Love Guru that she relates a lot to. 

Although presently she is getting a lot of offers, Yajna has not yet signed any other movie. “I don’t want to stick to doing just one kind of role, as long as I am here I want explore every kind of role,” she concludes.

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