Englishmen in City

Englishmen in City

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Englishmen in City

yippie English fans are thrilled after getting the tickets.

Waiting to get their hands on the tickets for the India vs England match that happened on Sunday, most of them had come all the way from England to watch a number of matches in India!

These English citizens had booked tickets online for the India-England match (which was supposed to be held at the Eden Gardens, Kolkata, earlier but was shifted to Bangalore) and were waiting patiently near the online counter. They were all set to watch a great game as Metrolife interacted with them outside the stadium.

Chris Gaston, a banker from Mumbai, had come with his father Trevor Gaston, who stays in London. “We have watched cricket all over the world and specially wanted to watch this particular match between India and England,” said Chris. “We had booked tickets for the Kolkata match from England. But since the match got shifted to Bangalore, we are here,” exclaimed the father-son duo. “We hope the English cricketers play a good game,” they added.

Paul, Ian and Hazel had come with a big group of friends and were thoroughly enjoying themselves despite the long wait. “We have come all the way for this match,” smiled Paul as Hazel butted in jokingly, “It’s just a couple of 1000 kms away anyway.”

Ian, whose favourite cricketer is Paul Collingwood, said, “It’s surely going to be good here.”

Their love for cricket has taken this group of friends all over the world. Sri Lanka, The Caribbean Islands, Bangladesh, New Zealand and South Africa — you name the country and these cricket-lovers have watched a match there. “But to watch India play England in Eden Gardens would have been really awesome,” quipped Hazel wishfully.

“Nevertheless, this will be fun too,” she added.Apart from watching the India-England and England-Ireland match in Bangalore, the group will be heading to Chennai to watch the England-West Indies and England-South Africa matches, and Chittagong to watch Bangladesh vs England.

Mike and Tony, two friends from Northern England, came calmly in an auto like any other local. “Are there any pubs around here? What about places that show football?” they asked admitting that they love football as much as they love cricket.

Cricket made them travel across the seven seas isn’t it? “Well, we have no other choice,” laughed the two gentlemen. Apart from this match, the two are also going for the England-Ireland match happening in the City later this week, and the England vs South Africa match happening in Chennai later.

“My favourite player is Virender Sehwag,” said Tony. “India is a very strong side especially when it comes to batting. It has all the chances of winning the World Cup,” he added. “But deep inside, I obviously want England to win the Cup,” he smiled as he revealed his true choice!