Lakshmana denies provoking youth

Lakshmana denies provoking youth

He was speaking at the inauguration of ‘Human rights and police department - an interaction programme’ organised by ‘Suddi Suggi’ fortnightly magazine here on Sunday.

Lakshmana said that he had gone to meet Vishwanath at his office as the latter had invited him to discuss issues relating to the budget. At the same time, the protesters had arrived to pour out their grievances to the MP.

Commenting on the case booked on him for provoking youth, he stated that a police officer standing behind him at the MP’s office had registered the case without his (Lakshmana’s) knowledge. He clarified that listening to the wailing of the people, he had offered his opinion in favour of the protesters.

He bemoaned that if people’s sorrows are not heard by authorities, and instead cases are booked against them, what  is the value of ‘Freedom of speech’ which is a provision in the Indian Constitution? he questioned.

Disappointed at the attitude of the public, Lakshmana cited an example saying,

“Once a person called me and told me that his house was being razed by the district administration. When I told him to come to protest the injustice, he gave an excuse and instead asked me to start the protest.”

Lakshmana observed if the public fails to stand up to injustice even if it has occurred against them, it’s really pathetic to note the same. However, he also appreciated a few concerned citizens who had filed petitions in the High Court against the cutting of trees on Lalitha Mahal Road, in public interest. He pointed out that it was essential to work in the interest of people and support others who are taking the initiatives for the betterment of the society.

Mysore Lokayukta Superintendent S E D’Souza, journalist Biligiri Ranganath and others were present.